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Production Support Services

Soils Laboratory Services

On Balanced Fertilizer Management, a total of 397 soil samples were analyzed, serving the same number of farmers.

The laboratory continuously updated its soil fertility map in the region and as of 1999, 35 were produced after a series of 10 consultations, survey, and soil analysis serving 10 LGUs.

National Seed Quality Certification Service

Field inspections, seed sampling, seed testing, and certification activities were the major activities of the facility. From January to September, the seed production area inspected reached to 299 hectares, and the samples tested were 6,240. The samples area for certification reached to 276 hectares, representing 15,095 bags of certified seeds.

Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC) Services

The center has conducted 34 monitoring activities for rice pests and diseases in 345 hectares techno-demo areas. There were 10 field verification/assessment undertaken in 11.5-hectare rice areas.

The 70 sessions on season-long integrated Pest Management training in rice production turned out 1m894 farmers. These farmers conducted re-echo training to co-farmers with close assistance and monitoring by RCPC.

Provision of Technical Assistance

Rice production showed an appreciable growth this year posting a 39% increase from the harvest of 1998. The upward trend in yield, which was conspicuous even during the first three-quarters, accumulated to 504,272 MT. This is 142,726 MT more than the 1998 recorded production of 361,546 MT.

Program Management

A series of briefings to promote program awareness at the regional, provincial and municipal levels were conducted at the start of the year. Target setting for the cropping seasons November 1999-April 2000 and May - October 2000 and November 2000 - April 2001 were facilitated in the six provinces, participated in by the different Municipal Agriculturists.

The Program Management with the Research Outreach Stations, Seed Growers Associations, Agricultural Colleges and Universities and the LGUs corrdinated the planting of high quality rice seeds in the region.

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