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The Department of Agriculture was established by virtue of PD 461, dated 17 May 1974. It was reorganized in 1987, pursuant to EO 116. With the enactment of RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991, the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit VIII was redesignated as Regional Field Unit No. VIII.


To promote agricultural Development and growth through increased productivity.


Empowerment of farmers and fisherfolk to enable them to have control over the resources required to make farming and fishing profitable.


Dynamic communities of empowered farmers and fisherfolk engaged in sustainable/equitable agri-fishery industrial enterprises capable of competing in the global market.


Arrest the high incidence of poverty thereby uplifting the quality of lives of the major farming and fishing populace.


General: To increase agricultural production aimed at attaining self-sufficiency in food for human consumption and for agri-based industries.

  1. To increase palay average yield production from 4 mt./ha to 4.5 mt./ha in non-irrigated areas and 2.5 mt./ha. To 3.0 mt./ha. In non-irrigated areas.
  2. To develop and promote the production and commercialization of at least five (5) priority high-value crops which have potentials in the domestic and export markets.
  3. To increase animal inventory by 0.5% in livestock, 10% in poultry and reduce the occurrence of animal diseases by 25% towards attaining self-sufficiency in meat.To increase fish production in aquaculture from 1.23mt to 1.3 mt/ha/yr, marine fisheries by 5% and to properly manage fishery resources and habitat in priority bays, lakes, and inland waters within the concept sustainable yield.

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