CY 2002



Production Support Services

On germplasm production, a total of 70 metric tons were produced for foundation seeds, registered seeds and certified seeds. In support to the distribution of seeds to farmers under the 50-50 scheme, 2,625 bags were distributed to farmers and 19,558 kilos of registered seeds were distributed to farmers under the provision of 2 kilos registered seeds in rain fed areas which were not covered by the 50-50 scheme.

On laboratory services, 176 farmers were served with 310 seed samples certified and 1,082 seed samples tested under the seed quality control. On soil analysis, 105 recommendations were made on the use of fertilizer to 115 farmers covering an area of 120 hectares.

Irrigation Development Services

A total of 52 sites were identified and validated during the semester for shallow tube wells and diversion dams. However, documents were prepared which includes the Memo of Agreement and feasibility study.

Other Infrastructure and Post Harvest Development Services

Sixty three sites for farm-to-market roads were validated and 17 sites were inspected.

Market Development Services

A profile on investment guide for Hybrid rice production were packaged and distributed to farmers.

Extension Support Education and Training Services

There were 20 batches of farmers field school conducted region wide that were participated by 599 farmers.

On program dissemination, 2,000 copies of information and education materials were reproduced by central office that were distributed to our farmer clientele.

On crop protection services, 36 LGUs were extended assistance on the validation of pest outbreak and 2 coordinations were made with the Regional Crop Protection Center.

Regulatory Services

In the issuance of clearances to regulate the services, a total of 17 vessels were cleared and inspected, 160,970 bags of commodity were inspected.

Policy Formulation, Planning and Advocacy Services

Two consultative meetings on seed production were conducted and participated by 120 seed growers and seed inspectors. In irrigated and non-irrigated area, 15,569 hectares were planted being monitored in coordination with the LGU with a production of 244,121 metric tons under the Rice Seed System Action Program with an average yield of 3.34 metric tons per hectare. Technical briefing on F1 Hybrid rice technology was conducted. Likewise, farmers were provided with directions and policies in the implementation of GMA – Rice Program.



Production Support Services

Under the provision of OPV seed subsidy program, 3,160 kilos of OPV seeds was procured and distributed to corn farmers. Tricho card production was done regularly having produced and distributed 11,240 cards in the four (4) cluster areas. Techno demo on liming were conducted in the clusters of Maydolong, Bontoc and Wright. There were 107 soil samples collected and analyzed serving 107 farmers.

Other Infrastructure and Post Harvest Development

Due to limited funds, only one Multi Purpose Drying Pavement was constructed at Wright, Samar.

Market Development Services

Assistance was extended to one cluster in consultation with the LGU using PLUS thru the Joint Venture Agreement and three market prices were disseminated.

Extension Support, Education and Training

Two farmers field school were conducted and participated by 45 farmers, 14 LGUs were provided with technical assistance on pest diagnosis.

On laboratory services, 107 farmers were served with 107 soil samples collected and analyzed.

On information dissemination, 200 printed leaflets were produced and distributed to 200 farmers. However, there were 250 information and education materials that were reproduced and distributed region wide.

Research and Development

Two research projects were implemented under the farmers’ participatory technology development program.

Regulatory Services

In order to regulate the enforcement of quarantine services, 90,947 bags were inspected in 5 vessels.

Policy Formulation, Planning and Advocacy

In support to program implementation, meetings with the LGU counterparts were conducted and with the technical working group. Likewise, the plan was also reviewed and validated.



Production Support Services

Our research stations are continually producing the needed quality plant materials for distribution. Of the 20,800 sexually produced jackfruit, 9,837 were distributed. For the asexually propagated jackfruit, 11,618 pieces were produced and 17,263 pieces were distributed wherein 5,645 were taken from the previous stock.

Plantain banana tissue culture production is designed to effect rapid multiplication and provision of genetically pure, disease-free and high yielding plant materials that is widely adopted under local conditions. To date, 11,800 plant materials were produced yet only 2,000 pieces were distributed.


Irrigation Development Services

The establishment of the proposed pressurized irrigation system needs thorough preliminary activities. The engineering group has first focused their activities on the conduct of cooperative and site identification, inspection and validation and the engineering design.



Post Harvest Development Services

Aside from the maintenance of our existing laboratories, a consultation was conducted regarding the establishment of a trading post/center.


Marketing Development Services

Initially, market reconnaissance/assessment is conducted in order to ensure bright economic prospects of the identified priority commodities. Two activities each on assessment and market matching were conducted for the first semester. Another two AICs were conducted with 105 participants.


Extension Services and Training

Three capability/record keeping/re-echo trainings were conducted with 80 participants. There were 12 technology trainings conducted to 120 farmers and 246 LGUs.

RAFID took efforts on the distribution of 1,000 IEC materials. Two pulong-pulongs were conducted with 160 participants.


Research and Development Services

There are eight studies conducted in the generation of technologies/information and production of quality germplasm – three are on-going and five are new studies.

The seven jackfruit techno demo are maintained where most are already on the fruit bearing stage.


Credit Facilitation Services

Provision of credit technical assistance in terms of investment and feasibility studies has assisted 70 individuals and three associations.


Regulatory Services

The plant Quarantine Service undertakes the issuance of phytosanitary certificates and shipping permits. For the first semester, eight and 231 documents were issued, respectively.


Information Support Services

The web page have been updated and maintained. Two information systems are also maintained; this is for jackfruit and mango.


Policy Formulation, Planning and Advocacy Services

At the start of the year, a series of consultations were conducted in order to provide directions in the pursuit of the program objectives. To date, seven consultation workshops were conducted.

Project visitations, validations and assessments are done in order to determine bottlenecks of implementation and likewise recommend actions and solutions.



Production Support Services

Production Centers are maintained in the region to hasten the proliferation of genetically improved animals. A total of 234 heads of sheep, 27 heads of cattle, 70 heads of goat, 29 heads of carabao and 46 heads of poultry are now maintained on the different stations. Out of these breeders, 679 offspring were produced. The production of these breeders stocks is for distribution to livestock entrepreneurs and small-hold livestock raisers in the region. To date, there were 31 animals distributed to the interested clientele.

To ensure a year-round supply of forage to breeders and offspring in the station, a 146 hectares of pasture area were maintained.

Artificial Insemination Program

The farmers were encouraged to upgrade their native stocks thru Artificial Insemination. There were 47 carabaos inseminated and produced 15 offspring. Other animal targeted such as cattle, has no accomplishment yet due to unavailability of semen coming from Region 7.

Breeder Loan Program

There were 7 heads of sheep and 4 heads of goat loaned-out to 11 farmers. These animals were came from San Miguel Sheep Center and Malitbog Goat Center.


Other Infrastructure and/or Other Post Harvest Development Services

Monitoring of 5 Livestock " Oksyon" Market was done to the LOM established within the region.

Two Biogas Digester demo project were installed in Borac, Naval, Biliran and Calbayog City, Western Samar. This will demonstrate on appropriate management and disposal of animal manure. Likewise, monitoring of 5 Biogas Plant/TPED Demo Projects was conducted in Merida, Leyte; Ormoc City; Naval, Biliran and in Calbayog City.


Market Development Services

In line with this activity, the Agribusiness and Marketing group initiated an investment forum to different LGUs who are interested on livestock commercialization. This was conducted to 80 farmers interested in this venture.

The DA-RFU 8 has also participated the Agro Industrial and Technology Trade Fair Exhibition within the region. Participation of this activity was made during the 10th Provincehood Anniversary of Biliran.


Extension Support Education and Training Services

Capability Building and Retooling of Farmers and LGU Technician

Technicians/Staff who are directly involved in the implementation of the GMA-LP were trained to make them more responsive to the needs and demands of their present responsibilities. There were 9 batches of retooling attended by 298 technicians at LSU, Visca, Baybay, Leyte.


Strengthening Livestock-Based Organization

The Livestock Sector in coordination with the Institutional Development Section (IDS) and LGUs conducted a training to livestock clientele. There were 8 trainings on Meat Processing in Lawaan, Eastern Samar; Calbiga and San Jorge, Western Samar; Sogod, So. Leyte; Campetic, Barugo and Matag-ob, Leyte. A total of 180 farmers participated on the said training. Capability building with emphasis on Leadership was included in the module of the training.


Advocacy and Information

Information material was about the Management of Native Chicken and Rabies. Two thousand copies of materials were produced and distributed to clienteles around the region.

DA – LGU Extension Linkages

LGU – Technician who are involved in the implementation of GMA-LP were provided with incentive allowance. There were 329 LGU Technicians who were benefited from these monthly incentives.


Research and Development

There are 5 on-going researches conducted on livestock. The study is about the Small Ruminants under Rice and Corn Based farms.


Credit Facilitation


A total of 1,526 animals distributed were monitored under BLBLP. Sustained monitoring and technical assistance were extended to farmer beneficiaries to increase the reproduction capability of BLBLP animals.


Regulatory Services

FMD Prevention Control and Eradication

The most notable accomplishment of Region 8 was the declaration of being an FMD Free Zone in the Visayas.

In support to this activity, the Veterinary Quarantine Services maintained 4 Quarantine Checkpoints and 7 Footbath in a strategic area. FMD Management Awareness was also conducted with a 130 participants.


Information Support Services

The region maintained 1 Livestock Info System in-place to constantly update inventory of livestock and other data needed by the program and livestock clientele.


Policy Formulation, Planning and Advocacy Services

To ensure that livestock programs are effectively implemented, constant monitoring were conducted to different program components under GMA-LP. Consultations and conferences were made to address problems being encountered by the implementors and the management.