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Assistant Regional Director

Address: Lot 20, Blk 4, Ph.I, V&G Subdivision, Tacloban City
Date of Birth: November 9, 1939
Place of Birth: San Miguel, Leyte
Citizenship: Filipino
Heigh: 5'5
Weight: 66 kg.
Sex: Male
Status: Married

Educational Attainment

Elementary: (1-5) San Miguel Elementary School (1st Honor) 1946-1950
Elementray: (6) Teachers College (3rd Honor) 1950-1051
High School: Teachers College (3rd Honor) 1951-1955
College: University of the Philippines (College Scholar - College of Agriculture) 2 semesters 1955-1960
Degree Obtained: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
Major: Agriculture Engineering
Minor: Seed Technology
Postgraduate: Massey University (New Zealand) 1979-1981
Degree Obtained: Masters of Agricultural Science (Second Class Honours)
Major Field: Seed Technology

Government Examination Passed

Career Executive Service Eligibility - November 13, 1997
Professional Agricultural Engineer - Rating - 83.3% (Third Place) - August, 1965
Career Service (Professional, Qualifying) - July, 1968

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